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Ultraslim ventilation

Growind fans have been developed for minimal space utilization and to generate an optimal air circulation.

The ventilation system is composed of two Ultraslim fans that create a flow of air under and over the foliage, eliminating excess humidity and uniformly renewing the air throughout the crop, particularly in the section between the soil and the lower part of the foliage where humidity accumulates after irrigation and pockets of hot air that negatively affect our plants.

ventilador_3 (1).jpg (4).png

Teloscopic system

Each fan has a telescopic system developed to adjust to the growth of the plants, keeping the air flow in the ideal place.

The humidity and temperature sensor incorporated in each fan allows you to know the average temperature in the lower part of the crop and control its levels to keep them within the optimal ranges. All the information of the environmental conditions are sent automatically and constantly to our Growind mobile application.

Ventilador_5 (1).jpg

Reversible fans

The internal high-power axial fans are mounted to a motorized shaft enabling them to be rotated with a 180º range of motion to change the direction of airflow remotely from the Growind APP.

The ventilation system can integrate heaters, which will help you to maintain the temperature inside the grow box throughout colder seasons.

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