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Turbofan LED

The Growind high power full spectrum LED lighting system (400 W, 600 W and 800 W), integrates a complete crop lighting setup into a single lamp.

Our domotic lamp allows you to precisely adjust the type of light and its intensity from your cell phone and to set the ideal effects and brightness for optimal plant growth.

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Forced air cooling system

The turbofan lamp incorporates an innovative patented forced air cooling system which is activated by temperature sensors and automated actuators to maintain the temperature of the LEDs in optimal operating ranges, while expelling the heat generated by the lamp to the outside of the growing cabinet.


Stable temperature without affecting the crop

The Y-shaped coupling is equipped with gates that allow for automated blocking of the passage from inside or outside the grow box as required by the temperature conditions of the culture cabinet.

The cooling system also allows you to maintain a stable temperature inside the grow box and to cycle the air, thanks to a derivation of the air inlet duct to the system with a Y-shaped coupling to which our rechargeable activated charcoal filter is attached, in charge of retaining suspended particles and odors.


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