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Growind APP

Discover the full power of the Growind family of products with our cell phone app enabling you to employ advanced growing techniques. 


By linking your Growind smart devices to the APP you can remotely program the different parameters and perform a detailed monitoring of the crop.


You will have in your hands the ability to simulate a natural environment by setting sunrises and sunsets to your liking, and choosing the ideal spectrum for each growth stage. The monitoring capacity of the Growind system enables you to experiment with your crop like you never imagined before.


The most advanced cultivation software

The application will give you full control and real-time information thanks to the automatic sensors and actuators strategically placed in the system. You will have access to detailed historical data of your current plants and previous harvests helping you to achieve optimal results.

Our software enables you to set detailed parameters for lighting, ventilation, humidity and nutrient solution preparation, and you can even perform individualized irrigation dosing for each plant.


The grower has the final say

The system will allow you to control every parameter of your crop, create customized and automated growth programs, or track them in professional crop templates.

The Growind APP provides new growers with real-time tips for optimal results, and experienced growers with useful information to achieve optimal yields for a variety of crops.

Growind Community

Our APP grants access to an exclusive library of cultivation templates for various cannabis strains grown with the Growind system. The templates serve as a guide, providing tips and information on the care of the species you are growing, as well as the appropriate fertilization program for optimal results.

You are also able to create and share your crop templates with the community, helping others to get the best results.

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