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Automated fertilizer mixer

Our automatic mixer creates the perfect mixture of fertilizers and irrigation water and adjusts the pH levels to obtain a professional nutrient solution.

The mixer has a maximum water capacity of 20 liters. It incorporates 5 refillable fertilizer containers and 2 containers for Ph correctors. These inject the ideal amount of each of the solutions to the irrigation water through high precision peristaltic valves.

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How does it work?

The mixer has a stainless steel container with a maximum water capacity of 20 liters that has been designed for manual or automatic filling (by connecting the machine to a water outlet).

The water levels are accurately controlled thanks to the built-in ultrasonic filling sensor.

The water circulates through an internal piping system thanks to the built-in water pump. It is then conveyed through the piping to the fertilizer injector system where it receives the exact dosage of inputs, and then returns to the container for homogeneous mixing.

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Back in the container, the water is analyzed by the Ph and EC (electroconductivity) sensors informing the system of its status and the water is re-circulated to add Ph correctors.

At the programmed irrigation time, the built in heater raises the temperature of the liquid to 20ºC (the ideal temperature for irrigation), and sends the nutritive solution to the tray with the pressure required for proper irrigation.

After the fertilizer and Ph processing, the water pump circulates the water repeatedly, generating a whirlpool effect for a homogeneous mixing of the nutrient solution.


- The automatic mixer is equipped with software enabling you to control every aspect of the nutrient solution, and to program it with a growth plan adapted to the individual requirements of the cultivated species. 


- Individual plant data is collected by the sensors in the tray and analyzed using the pre-programed cultivation plan in the software, allowing you to produce the right amount of nutrient solution with the ideal mixture for your plants.

- Set up your automatic mixer connected to a water source together alongside other products of the Growind family and you will have a fully automated irrigation and cultivation system that you can control from your mobile device thanks to our Growind APP.

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