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Automatic Irrigation

The Growind tray can hold up to 16 plants in individual cavities for each pot. Our patented system incorporates technology that allows you to monitor the humidity level of each of the plants and remotely distribute individualized portions of nutrient solution.

Detailed information about each plant on the tray is collected by the software and managed by the grower through our mobile application, allowing the use of irrigation and fertilizer optimization algorithms, experimentation, and adapting the characteristics of the system individually for each species.

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Individualized irrigation for each plant

Moisture sensors located in each of the pots send constant information on the watering needs of each plant to the Growind cultivation software.

It is an individualized and automated irrigation system composed of 16 solenoid valves that allow for precise control of the nutritive solution (water + fertilizers + ph correctors) that is distributed to each plant according to its stage of development and capacity to absorb humidity in the soil.

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Modular system

The tray allows for selection of irrigation either through immersion or micro-jet, adjusting to the needs and preferences of each grower.

It is designed for grow box of 120 cm x 120 cm. However, several trays can be coupled together for use in larger farms.

Its operation requires the use of one of our nutrient solution mixers in charge of supplying water with the optimal pressure for the operation of the entire system.

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